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31 Day Love Yourself Journal

31 Day Love Yourself Journal

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31 Day Love Yourself Journal


Your Ultimate Companion on the Journey to Self-Love!


This journal is your personal ticket to slayage, self-reflection, and   unapologetic self-love.

This journal will   guide you based on techniques that I personally teach and use as a life coach!

This is not your grandma's diary; it's a fierce companion on your path to becoming the Queen you were born to be.

Why You Need This Journal:

  • Slay Your Goals: Turn those dreams into reality! The "Love Your Self Journal" is your go-to guide for setting and smashing your goals. Break them down, track your progress, and watch the magic happen.


  • Therapy with Style: Life got you feeling some type of way? Pour your heart out on these pages. It's like a coaching session with Sharlene – minus the hefty bill. Let those thoughts flow, and let the healing begin.


  • Glow-Up Tracker: Witness your own glow-up in real-time. Document your wins, learn from your losses, and watch yourself evolve into the fierce goddess you were always meant to be.


  • Daily Dose of Self-Love: Treat yourself daily with affirmations, love notes, and reminders that you are a force to be reckoned with. The "Love Your Self Journal" is your daily pep talk, boosting your confidence and self-esteem.



There are 28 pages in this journal, including:


Powerful, self-love and boundary setting activities.

Methods for creating clarity and creating a self-love plan.

Tactics for tracking your growth and starting your self- love affair.

Plus, so much more!


How to Use the Love Yourself Journal:


The Love Yourself Journal is an instant download.

You may use it within minutes of purchasing it.

You can start whenever you like and work at your own pace.


Purchase the journal

- Download the journal

- Load your printer with standard copy paper

- Test the first page

- Make sure your settings are best for you.

- Print your Love Yourself Journal.


Size and measurement:Sheets 8.5” x 11”

Number of sheets in journal: 28


I coach private clients on self-love, stress, and anger management along with general life issues.


Follow me:Tiktok: sharlenethelifecoach

Facebook: sharlenethelifecoach

Instagram: Sharlenethelifecoach

Visit my website for tips on self-love, anger management, and stress management.


Share your creations:

Use #ElevateYourGoalGame so that I can see and share your creations.


As this is a digital journal, no physical product will be shipped to you.

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