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About Sharlene

I help business bosses and creatives to  breakthrough from stress and anxiety so that they can triumph in transforming their life, relationships and business in order to have the freedom to succeed.

Business skills may be a natural talent for most  entrepreneurs but stress can often overwhelm us and stop us from reaching our full potential.

I totally get that because the same thing happened to me. In 2006, I started my first online business. I put most of my time, effort and money into making my online business work. My business was hitting the financial goals that I had set.

However, I had one major dilemma. The other areas of my life (my health and personal relationships were not as successful and were in a state of chaos.) I wasn’t handling these well and this started to affect my business. Stress affected me like a whirlwind and my life and business seemed to be crumbling.

I finally decided to work with a life coach who helped me to develop a new mind-set,  handle stress more calmly, become more optimistic, see life’s possibilities and feel more empowered.

 I made the decision that I wanted to help others receive the gift that I had gotten. I underwent training in life coaching and took a diploma in Stress Management Training and smoking cessation.

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"When you learn, teach, when you get, give." — Maya Angelou

Now I coach clients so that they don’t have to go through the burnout, stress, anxiety and overwhelm that I went through.

Helping my clients to find success is so fulfilling and rewarding for me. 

I love experiencing my clients’ inventiveness, especially when they think that change is impossible. Their courage inspires me to go the extra mile.

Change is possible!

I’m also a former teacher and makeup artist. I went from transforming looks to changing lives.


I’m available for individual coaching, workshops, public speaking, media and corporate group events.

All individual coaching sessions with me are conducted via Zoom between the hours of 10 am and 20:00 BST

International clients are welcome.

For booking and/ or general inquiries you can contact me by filling in the contact form or going to my booking page.

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