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Sharlene Davis

Helping business bosses and creatives breakthrough from stress and anxiety so that they can triumph in transforming their life, relationships and business into success.
Therapy Sessions
My Approach

I coach  bosses so that they don’t have to go through burnout, stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Helping my clients to find success is very fulfilling and rewarding for me. 


I believe that every client   is exceptionally unique. My approach focuses on paying attention to your individual situation. I love experiencing my clients’ innovativeness, especially when they think that change is impossible. Their courage inspires me to go the extra mile.

About me

Business skills may be a natural talent for most creatives and  entrepreneurs, but stress can often overwhelm us and stop us from reaching our full potential.
I totally get that because the same thing happened to me when I started my first online business. 

Suffering from stress? It's not your fault!

You were never taught how to properly manage stress so that you can focus on success! 
But, not to worry …

A lot of boss babes like yourself have battled stress and have mastered controlling it and you can do it too! Once you have learnt the stress management skills and techniques that you are in search of, you will feel relieved and overwhelm will be a thing of the past.

Your main focus will be to reach your personal and business goals which will be achievable.
When stress stops standing in the way of your goals, everything will fall into place and you will have the confidence to deal with it like a boss.

Are you ready to find out more ?
Grab your Quick Solution Session now and let’s have a chat.


Talk about how stress is impacting you


Discuss your main stressor 


Discover natural ways to handle stress


Gain clarity

Get things off your chest

Take action NOW and request your  Quick Solution Session
You'll be glad you did!

Is This You?

Are you a business owner who is looking to control stress and become your best, but the feeling of overwhelm is making it hard for you to focus and achieve the promising future you’ve been working so hard for?


Are you an entrepreneur who is looking to manage your stress and become your best?

Is the feeling of overwhelm interfering with your concentration and decision making abilities? 

Are you having trouble sleeping, getting angry more easily and beginning to gain more weight? 

Is Stress stopping you from having success in your life, relationship, health and business?

How I Can Help

We can work together and make things happen.

Using my coaching expertise, experience and knowledge. I will help you to:


•    Become educated about stress,
•    Learn to practice relaxation skills,
•    Recognise situations that provoke stress,
•    Become aware of stress and anxiety patterns,
•    Understand the relationship between negative thinking, low self-esteem and stress.
•    Identify personal difficulties contributing to your stress.


Sign up for a Quick Solution Session

It’s my sincere wish to help you and I would like for you to find out if I’m the right coach for you.

In your  Quick Solution Session you will:


"I sought Sharlene’s coaching services because I really needed the support of Stress Management coaching to help me progress throughout my trials. The biggest change that I have found as a result of working with Sharlene is staying positive – no matter what the situation I’m going through. I have a more positive attitude and my work ethic has improved. I believe that things will eventually turn out in my favour. There’s always hope. I have faith in the future."

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Please  contact me by filling out the form or texting
WhatsApp: 44  07383085786

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